How to Go Directly to Voicemail on T-Mobile

Updated July 20, 2017

The voicemail on a mobile device is where voice messages are stored when you are not able to answer the call. Once someone leaves a recording, the mobile device will notify you that a voicemail was received and stored. You can then retrieve the voicemail. On a T-Mobile phone, you can access the voicemail in two ways, either calling directly from the mobile device or by calling it from a landline phone.

Press and hold the "1" key until the device dials the voicemail.

Enter the four- to seven-digit password.

Press "1" to listen to recorded voicemail.

Dial your 11-digit mobile number from any landline phone.

Press the "*" key to bypass the greeting.

Enter your four- to seven-digit password.

Press "1" to listen to the recorded voicemail.


Choose a password that others cannot easily guess. You can also enable or disable the voicemail password when calling from your T-Mobile phone by pressing #796# and pressing send.


Entering the password incorrectly too many times will result in a lock out. You can reset your password from your T-Mobile phone by entering #792# and pressing send.

Things You'll Need

  • T-Mobile telephone number
  • Voicemail password
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