How to Reset an Outlook Email Express Password

Updated February 21, 2017

It is a smart idea to change your password often for security reasons. It is also important to use an obscure password, so that someone is unable to easily guess your password. When you change your e-mail password, you must remember to reset the password in your e-mail clients to continually download new mail. It is simple to reset your password in Outlook Express.

Open Outlook Express, located in the "Programs" folder of the "Start" menu.

Select "Tools > Accounts..."

Select "Mail." Select the email account you wish to change the password of. Click "Properties." Click the "Servers" tab of the "Properties" window.

Enter the new password within the "Password" text field under the "Incoming Mail Server" header. Select "Apply," "OK" to save the changes.

Click "Get New Mail" from the main Outlook Express window to download new mail using the new account password.


You must change the email password first with your e-mail or Internet service provider.

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