How to Burn XBox 360 Games Using a Flash Drive

Updated June 09, 2017

The Microsoft Xbox 360 console has a feature that allows games to be burnt to the hard drive. The ability to burn games to a USB flash drive was added when the Xbox 360 console was updated to support flash drive storage. The games can be run directly from the flash drive rather than using the game disc.

Insert the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports on the Microsoft Xbox 360 console.

Turn on the console. The Xbox Dashboard menu will be displayed when the console starts.

Insert the game disc into the disc drive.

Scroll up to the "My Xbox" tab in the Dashboard menu. The default icon will be an image of the game inserted into the disc drive. This is the same icon normally used to start the game from the Dashboard.

Press the "Y" button. This will open the "Game Details" menu.

Select "Install Game" from the game details menu. A list of storage devices will appear.

Select the USB flash drive from the list of storage devices. The console will begin to burn the game to the flash drive. A progress bar will appear on the screen.

Wait for the progress bar to completely fill up. This indicates the game has been successfully burnt to the flash drive.


The feature to burn games to a USB flash drive was added to an update of the Microsoft Xbox 360 console. This update must be downloaded to use this feature. The console will automatically prompt you if an update is available when you connect to Xbox Live. Burning an Xbox 360 game to a flash drive does not remove the need to have the game disc. The disc must be inserted into the disc drive of the console to start the burnt copy of the game. The disc is only used to verify the player owns a legitimate copy of the game. The game disc is not used to actually run the game.

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