How to Make a Harp at Home

Updated July 20, 2017

Building a harp at home can be a rewarding and affordable project; however, first-time harp builders may find it difficult to construct an instrument without blueprints, instructions or necessary materials. Using a harp kit makes instrument-building much simpler. A kit includes all instructions, woods, hardware and other required materials. All woods are pre-cut and drilled. Some reputable companies even provide support from experienced woodworkers to ensure you build a beautiful, playable instrument.

Choose the harp kit you would like to make. Consider the different harp models available with options of size, quality, number of strings, string tension, weight, sound of the instrument and level of difficulty.

Sand disassembled pieces of the harp. Some harp kits include pieces that have been pre-sanded. Follow instructions in your manual regarding sanding.

Brush on finish using the included varnish.

Screw the harp tuning pins into the neck in the pre-drilled holes.

Assemble the pieces of the harp together and screw or glue to secure them in place. A harp kit will either require gluing or screwing the wood. Follow the directions in your particular kit.

Sand down any glue spots on assembled harp. Perform this step only if your manual instructs you to glue the harp. Do not perform if no glue was used.

Stain your harp with the colour of your choice, if desired, or keep the wood natural.

String the instrument with the included strings.

Tune the harp using an electronic tuner.

Attach sharping levers to the neck. Levers are optional and must usually be purchased separately.


Make sure you purchase a harp kit that is at your skill level. First-time harp builders should purchase a kit that includes all materials and lumber that is pre-cut and pre-drilled.

Things You'll Need

  • Harp kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Finishing materials
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