How to Flash the BIOS for an Acer 5920

Updated July 20, 2017

A computer's Basic Input/Output System is a set of instructions embedded on the motherboard that tells the computer what it needs to do to to start up and load the operating system. Acer offers BIOS updates for their computers, including the Aspire 5920, as they become available. Since flashing the BIOS is a risky procedure that can render the computer unbootable, Acer recommends that you only update the BIOS if directed to do so by tech support to fix a specific problem.

Download the Apsire 5920 BIOS update .zip file from the Acer website.

Extract the .zip file to access the contents. Once extracted, you will see a program called "Winphlash."

Ensure your computer is running off AC power. Right click the Winphlash icon and select "Run as Administrator."

Click "Browse" and select the BIOS update file. The file is included in the .zip file you downloaded and extracted, and is named "BIOS." Click "OK."

Click "Flash BIOS" to begin the update process. It is extremely important that the update process is not interrupted. Do not touch the computer until the program announces that the update process has completed.


Consult Acer technical support if you are unsure if you need to update the 5920 BIOS.


An unsuccessful update can leave your computer inoperable. You cannot always recover a bad BIOS update.

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