How to Add Songs to a Phillips MP3

Updated February 21, 2017

While not yet a threat to the iPod and Zune's dominance, Philips does offer a number of quality MP3 players. There are several methods to transferring music onto your Philips player. The more common one is to download the player's Philips Songbird software and follow the subsequent steps to sync your MP3 player with your music library. Another option is known as the drag and drop method: after connecting your player to your computer, you can simply drag the music files onto the icon representing your player.

Install the Philips Songbird software that comes with your MP3 player. This software will allow you to, among other things, create and manage your music library. Later, you will use it to sync your MP3 player with your library.

Launch the software and instruct it to import songs from your existing iTunes library, as well as scan for music in other directory. You also go back later and import music from elsewhere on your computer or add new music by ripping it from a CD or MP3 CD. Once your library has been set up you can begin to add music to your MP3 player.

Connect your MP3 player to your computer using the cable that comes with it. Your music library is set to sync manually by default: that means to transfer music you will have to drag and drop each file or playlist from your library onto the MP3 player icon that appears after it's connected. Alternately, you can select the automatic feature that sync your entire library every time you connect your MP3 player. The controls are quite intuitive, and resemble those found in iTunes. As with iTunes, do not disconnect the cable until the transfer is over.

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