Instructions on Making a Flagpole for a School Science Project

Updated November 21, 2016

School science projects often reproduce everyday items on a smaller scale. An effective way to build miniature items is to use a lightweight material such as wood. Another benefit of using wood is that it adheres to objects or itself with glue. Making a flagpole for a school science project is easy and requires only a few simple steps.


Select a thin piece of wood for the pole. Consider using part of a dowel rod because the cylindrical shape best mimics that of a real flag pole. Choose a thin rod that is relative to the size of the other objects in the project. If buildings or landscapes are extremely small, a toothpick might even work.

Use a small piece of fabric, preferably in white, for the flag. The benefit of using white is that the colours of the flag will stand out. Paint or use markers to illustrate the stars and stripes. Paint may work better, because the ink from markers can spread throughout the fabric. Paint will help create straight edges and lines. If you want the flag to have texture, use puff paints for the flag's features. This technique enables you to see the white stars more clearly because each star is raised.

Building the Flag

If you cut a piece from a dowel rod, sand down the cut end to eliminate sharp edges or splinters. Paint or stain the pole before completing any further steps so that you don't get colour on other parts of the project accidentally. Let paint dry completely before placing it in your display with the sanded end down.

The hardest part of this activity is making sure the flag pole stands upright for the duration of the science project display. You may use cardboard for the base, sticking the sharp point of the toothpick into it. If you used a dowel rod, shave or sand the cut end to a point to help it stick in the base.

Place a thin line of glue along the inside edge of the flag and press it against the top of the pole. Leave the flag untouched until the adhesive dries.

Add a small amount of regular or super glue to the point of the toothpick or dowel rod to increase stability and security. The glue will coat the surrounding cardboard as it is inserted into place.

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