How to Disable HP Solution Center

Updated April 17, 2017

The HP Solution Center is a program designed to make using HP printers easier and more intuitive. While the tool can certainly be useful, it may get annoying or cause problems with its frequent pop-up notifications. Whatever the reason, turning off notifications, disabling and deleting the software are all easy ways to remove the headache this software can cause. While disabling the notifications won't disable the software, itself, it will disable all of the User Account Control pop-ups asking for permission to update your HP software.

Turn your computer on and wait for Windows to load. Click "Start" and select "Computer." Open the C drive, commonly labelled "Local Disk" or "C:" and then open "Program Files." Open the HP folder and double-click "Digital Imaging" then "Product Assistant." Select "Bin" and double-click "hprbui.exe" to launch the HP product assistant.

Click "Preferences" and "Disable Notifications." Select "Disable Solution Updates" and click "OK" in the resulting dialogue box. Exit the Product Assistant and click "Start" then "All Programs." Click HP then open the HP Solution Center. Alternately, you can type "HP Solution Center" in the Windows Explorer search bar directly under "All Programs" to find the software.

Click "Settings" and move the cursor over "Other" to bring up a menu. Select "Update Preferences" and un-check the box labelled "Enable help Contents updates automatically." Press "Close" and exit the Solution Center.

Press "Start" and enter "Windows Defender" in the search box. Click "Windows Defender" from the resulting list and click "Tools" at the top of the Windows Defender screen.

Click "Software Explorer" and select "Startup Programs" from the drop-down menu near the top of the window. Locate the HP Solution Center; if you're having trouble finding it, it should be under the "HP."

Click "Disable" to disable the program from starting automatically when Windows starts. Exit Windows Defender to finish the process. To open the HP Solution Center in the future, simply choose it from HP's entry under "All Programs."

Press "Start" and "Control Panel." Locate "Programs" and select "Uninstall a Program."

Navigate through the list of programs until you find the HP Solution Center. Click the "Uninstall" button located near the top of the window.

Follow the on-screen instructions to completely remove the program. This may take several minutes or require you to restart your computer.


If you no longer use an HP printer or product that takes advantage of the Solution Center, delete it. There's no point in having the software if you don't have matching hardware. Try the disabling methods before uninstalling the software--you may lose some of the functionality or features of your printer or HP device if you disable or delete the HP solution centre. The best option is to disable the program at start up. You can still open it manually if you need it, but it won't run whenever you turn on your computer.

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