How to Troubleshoot Error Messages on the Canon Pixma MP600

Updated February 21, 2017

Canon's Pixma MP600 Photo All-In-One printer is a workhorse -- capable of copying, scanning and photo-handling. It also has built-in diagnostic and maintenance functions. The Pixma MP600 connects to a computer, which means that you rarely control the printer from its operation panel on the frame of the machine. However, when the Pixma MP600 has supply or mechanical problems, you can't diagnose and fix those problems from your PC. Instead, those error messages appear on the printer's LCD. There a few basic error codes that you can easily troubleshoot without much effort.

Replace the ink tank if the LCD screen displays the "U041" error message. You can continue using the printer on a temporary basis after getting this error by pressing the "OK" button. Prolonged use of a nearly empty ink tank might cause the printer to malfunction.

Stop using the printer and obtain new ink tanks if the "U163" error message shows on the screen. This error indicates that the ink tank is fully depleted; also, the light on the ink tank will flash on and off. You can bypass this error message, but this time press the "Stop/Reset" button. Be warned that the printer will no longer read ink levels, which can damage the machine.

Avoid sending print jobs to the printer if the LCD screen displays the "U071" or "U072" errors. Verify that the ink tanks are correctly installed in their respective receptacles, paying attention to the matching colours.

Press the "OK" button to continue printing if the following message appears on the LCD screen: "The ink absorber is almost full." This a component that helps clean and maintain the printer, but it can become full and useless over time. Though you can continue with your print jobs, you should contact Canon as soon as possible for assistance and service.

Power down the printer if various unmentioned/undocumented error codes show on the LCD screen: "****" or "Error code." Unplug the printer from the wall outlet or surge protector. Wait about 30 seconds and then plug the printer back into its power source. Turn the printer back on; the error message should disappear. If it does not, then contact Canon.


Contact Canon's technical support department for additional assistance via e-mail or phone. (See Resources.) Most modern printers connect and rely on computer connections. Alternatively, attempt to use tools and utilities in the Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X operating systems to troubleshoot problems with the Canon Pixma MP600 printer.


Use caution when working with electrical appliances and machinery. Where possible, unplug the device before attempting to maintain and troubleshoot its internal and external components.

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