How to Make PS2 Region Free DVD Player

Updated February 21, 2017

The PlayStation 2 (PS2) game console has a DVD player that can play movie discs. The DVD player is programmed to play only movie discs made for the region in which the PS2 is sold. Make the PS2's DVD player region-free by modifying it with a program installed in a special DVD memory cartridge. The DVD memory cartridge, which can be purchased from a video game store, does not physically alter the way the PS2 works, so this modification does not void any warranties.

Insert a DVD memory cartridge into one of the memory card slots on the PS2, for example, the DVD Region X memory cartridge (see Resources). Insert a PS2 memory card into one of the other memory slots on the console.

Turn on the PS2. Eject the DVD drive disc tray, place the installation disc included with the DVD memory cartridge on the tray and close it.

Wait for the installation program to load. Follow the menu commands to copy the DVD playback program to the memory card that is plugged into the PS2. Eject the disc tray and remove the installation disc once the installation is completed.

Turn off the PS2. Wait five minutes before turning it back on. Eject the disc tray, place a movie disc of any region on the disc tray and close it.

Wait for the DVD memory cartridge playback program to load. Select the "Play" button on the screen to begin playing the movie disc.


The DVD player defaults to its original region settings when the DVD memory cartridge is removed.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD memory cartridge
  • PS2 memory card
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