My Sharp Aquos BD Player Won't Play Blu-Ray Discs

Updated November 21, 2016

The Sharp Aquos BD player is a blu-ray disc player with a HDMI interface and full, high-definition output. The player also features a live Internet connection, Netflix instant downloads, an auto software update with RSS feed and an MP3/JPEG image slideshow capability. However, with all electronics products, difficulties may occur and troubleshooting might be necessary. There are a few steps to troubleshooting the BD player if blu-ray discs will not play properly.

Take out the blu-ray disc and clean it by wiping it with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth.

Look at the region code on the player and make sure it matches the region code on the disc. Accepted region codes include "A," "ABC" and "1/ALL." Re-insert the disc into the player, label-side up.

Ensure that the player has not been exposed to any liquids. If there is condensation on or near the player or the disc, allow it to dry thoroughly before attempting to play a disc.

Check to make sure discs that play video recordings were recorded normally and are meant to operate in a blu-ray disc player. Note that discs that are recorded illegally may not play.

Check that all cables are connected properly to and from the television to the player and that the television and player are both turned on.

Turn the player off and then back on if the above steps do not resolve the problem. If the problem continues after restarting the player, contact an authorised Sharp Aquos retailer.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth
  • Power supply
  • Access to connector cords
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