How to use lime to kill parasites

Updated February 21, 2017

Agricultural lime is effective in killing parasites because it creates an inhospitable breeding environment. Parasites or eggs present will die when they come in contact with it. Agricultural lime should not be confused with hydrated lime--also known as burn lime--which is pure white in colour and extremely caustic. Agricultural lime is grey in colour and according to The Equine Science Center of Rutgers University, has no toxic properties. With this in mind, it is safe to use in fields, grassy areas, on crops and barn and house floors.

Purchase a bag of agricultural lime. This is available at farming supply stores and most home improvement stores.

Inspect the areas infested with parasites. Pay close attention to any place where flies, fleas, or worms are present; parasites may also be in this general area.

Sprinkle the lime on the affected areas; a light dusting will do. Let the lime remain on the areas for 24 hours, and then sweep it up. You may notice dead flies and other insects when sweeping up the lime.

Repeat this use of lime daily if you are trying to eradicate parasites in or around a barn area where there is livestock.


Agricultural lime is safe to breathe in and it is safe for use around animals. Agricultural lime has antibacterial properties and works well to dry out barns, keeping odours to a minimum.


When shopping for lime, make sure you specifically ask for agricultural lime and not just lime, to ensure you purchase the proper product.

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