How to Clean Kerosene From a Lawn

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Kerosene is created using a mixture of crude oil and other chemicals, according to the Health Protection Agency. Used as a fuel to power items such as home heating systems, lamps and portable generators, kerosene is very flammable and spills must cleaned up immediately. Cleaning up a kerosene spill from a lawn is necessary to prevent the chemicals from soaking into the groundwater.

Open a bag of cat litter and spread it over the area of lawn where the kerosene spill occurred. The litter should be at least 3 inches thick to properly absorb the liquid.

Allow the cat litter to sit for five to 10 minutes until you see the top of it developing wet spots.

Insert a shovel directly into the soil beside the cat litter and dig down at least 4 inches. This way you remove the top layer of soil as well as the cat litter.

Push the shovel under the cat litter and dig it up. Place the contaminated litter and soil into a trash bag.

Continue shovelling up the cat litter and placing it into the trash bag until you remove it all.

Call your county's waste disposal and ask for the location of the nearest hazardous waste disposal facility. The trash bags must be taken to these facilities only and not the normal landfill.

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