How to Replace a Braun Toothbrush Battery

Updated April 17, 2017

Your Braun battery-operated toothbrush is a cost effective alternative to rechargeable electric models. Some studies have also shown that the added movement provided by a battery powered brush offers superior cleaning over an ordinary manual toothbrush. Another bonus: Your power toothbrush needs little maintenance other than the occasional battery replacement. If it's time to put a new battery in your brush, there's no need to stress. All you need is a single battery--and for most models, there are no tools required.

Grasp your toothbrush near the top of the handle. You should see a seam near the bottom half of the brush handle. This is the battery compartment.

Use your other hand to twist the battery compartment off by unscrewing it. Most models loosen by turning them to the left.

Tilt the compartment so that the battery falls out. Dispose of the old battery.

Insert the new AA battery into the battery compartment, ensuring that the positive and negative ends are in the proper position. Your toothbrush should be marked to show you the correct placement. Screw the battery compartment back in place by twisting it until it is secure.


There are multiple Braun battery-powered toothbrushes. These instructions are generalised to aid you in replacing the battery in any model. If you encounter difficulty, consult the instructions that came with your product.

Things You'll Need

  • AA battery
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