How to Send a Command to Wake on LAN for a Dell PC

Updated February 21, 2017

Wake on LAN is a procedure in which a signal is sent by a remote PC to another computer on the same network which causes the computer to power on. Wake on LAN is useful for starting a computer remotely in order to remotely access the computer, whether it be to retrieve office files or do work from a distant location. Sending a Wake on LAN command is done by using a type of program called Magic Packet Utility. These programs send a Wake signal through a network to a specific computer address, or MAC address.

Boot up the Dell PC. Enter the Setup or BIOS menu by pressing the correct F key during start-up.

Select the "Advanced Power Management" section of the menu and press enter. Ensure either "Resume by MAC LAN" or "Power on by PCI Devices" is enabled. Accept the changes and finish booting the Dell PC.

Open "Command Prompt" on the Dell PC by clicking "Start", typing "cmd" into the search bar, and clicking the "Command Prompt" program when it appears. Type "ipconfig/all" into the text field and locate the "Physical Address" or "MAC Address" field. Write down the value in this field. Ensure the Dell PC is connected to your local network, and power off the PC.

Log-in to the PC sending the Wake signal. Install a Magic Packet Utility application. Several free applications are included in the resource section.

Connect the sending PC to the local network. Run the Magic Packet Utility and enter the Dell PC's physical or MAC address into the text field. Click the "Send", "Wake", or "OK" button (depending on the program used) to send the Wake on LAN signal to the Dell PC.


Older computer models may not have the features necessary to perform a Wake on LAN.

Things You'll Need

  • Two computers
  • Magic Packet Utility
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