Authentication Tips for a Breitling Bentley Watch

Breitling Bentley watches are a luxury item, and to many, a sign of wealth and influence. These watches are expensive, and if a vendor is offering unbeatable prices on a Breitling Bentley watch, it might be a fake. Examine the watch carefully before you purchase online or from an unlicensed seller.


Look for authentic Breitling Bentley markings on the watch. Flip the watch over and check out the engraving on the back. The "T" should be crossed; in many fakes, it is not. Look for uneven markings. An authentic Breitling Bentley is of the highest quality, and every marking will be perfectly engraved. There should be a code or serial number engraved on the back of the face; if it is missing, you can be sure it's a fake. Examine the small "B" on the dial of the watch and make sure that it is right-side up. Fakes often have it upside down.

Colouring and Quality

A significant, exclusive characteristic of Breitling Bentley watches is the watch's colouring; Breitling Bentley watches are made of the highest-quality materials, and have an anti-reflective coating on the face. This anti-reflective coating gives the watch's face a bluish tint. Look for reflections and colouring in the watch. If there are too many reflections or no blue tint, you're holding a fake. Examine the watch's quality. A Breitling Bentley watch is expensive for a reason; it uses the highest-quality materials and is finished flawlessly. A slack watch band, sloppy connections and hardware, or places where the sliver has scratches or been rubbed are all clues that it is fake.

Sellers and Papers

When you buy a Breitling Bentley watch, make sure that you are buying from an authorised dealer. You can find authorised dealers at the Breitling Bentley website (see Resources). You cannot be assured an authentic product unless you purchase from a dealer. When you purchase the watch, make sure that it comes with all of the authentication papers. If a seller indicates that the papers are lost, it is probably a fake. Always be careful about purchasing from resellers or second-hand sources. Don't expect to pay anything less that 15 per cent off of retail price. Breitling Bentley watches are a status symbol, and you'll rarely find them on sale.

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