How to Set Up a Pizza Shop

Updated February 21, 2017

Pizza is one of the favourite American dishes. Even the smell of it wafting out into the street from a nearby pizzeria can bring back memories and send you scurrying to get your own cheese-dripping slice. Setting up your own pizza shop isn't as hard as you might imagine. A few tips and secrets of the trade and you should be up and running in no time.

Create a five-year business plan. It will be easier to focus on the big picture with a firm goal in mind. Keep in mind your overhead cost, where to get your supplies and materials and any other major ideas such as how many employees you will need to start. The more sound your business plan is the smoother the opening will run.

Make and maintain a budget. Making a budget that you stick to no matter what is key to your success. Always budget in overhead cost such as light bills, rent on the building and any gardening or lawn work you may need. Sticking to your budget can greatly impact the type of shop you can open. From quick service to upscale, the choice is yours.

Find a location. You need a place where there is high traffic and in a great location to be seen. You don't want your shop to be across the street or beside a well-known and hugely popular pizza shop, but you do want it to be noticeable and have the appearance needed to draw the customers in.

Purchase equipment. Determine which equipment your pizza shop will need based on the size of the location you have chosen, as well as dishes you plan to serve. Invest in pizza ovens, dish washers, fryers and any additional work stations that will be needed.

Purchase furniture. Choose a design for the inside of your pizza shop and shop for furniture. You can go with a specific theme or use specific colours. Purchase tables, chairs, booths, bar stools, curtains and wall decor

Perfect your recipe. You should hire the best pizza chef you can, if you can't make it yourself. Always have the finest and freshest ingredients.

Create your menu. Work with your chef to create a full menu. If you did not hire a chef, get ideas from your family members. Come up with menu ideas for appetizers, main dishes, pizza recipes and desserts. Create dishes that will be unique to your shop or town. Give some of them fun names and ingredient twists.

Hire staff. Advertise and interview for positions you will need to fill. Post flyers and advertise in the local newspaper that there will be openings for cooks, dishwashers, waiters, cash register operators and janitorial services. Set up interviews with any inquiries and find your staff.

Advertise. Post an ad in your local newspaper advertising your grand opening. Consider additional advertising options, such as television, radio and flyers. Determine whether you will offer special deals or coupons to draw customers in for your big day.

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