How to Sync a New Plantronics Headset to an Old Base

Updated April 17, 2017

A few Plantronics Bluetooth headset models use a base system. This base serves as a charging station and can also be connected to a home or desk phone, allowing calls to be routed to your headset. Generally, your Plantronics is already paired to the base it was purchased with. However, if you bought the base separately or replaced your headset unit, you must pair them before they can communicate. Turn off any other Bluetooth devices, such as a phone, that your headset has already been paired to before attempting set-up with the base unit.

Press and hold the two "Speak Volume Fine Adjust Buttons" simultaneously, located on the back of the base unit above the volume adjust switch. Release the buttons when the online indicator light (on the top of the unit) and the power indicator light (on the front of the unit) begin flashing.

Simultaneously press and hold the headset's "Volume Up" button and "Call Control" button. Release the two buttons when the status light flashes red and blue. The headset is in pairing mode.

Place the headset and base close to one another to allow them to communicate--no more than a few feet apart. Wait for the online indicator light on the base unit to stop flashing and light up solid blue. The headset status indicator light will also flash blue--this indicates pairing is complete.

Things You'll Need

  • Plantronics Bluetooth headset
  • Base unit
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