How to Lace High Top Shoes

Updated April 17, 2017

There are hundreds of ways to lace sneakers, but the most popular way is often used because it is most comfortable. This method is the basis for most shoelace measurements, so you know you will have enough shoelaces at the end of your shoe to tie them in a knot. If you are using shoelaces that didn't come with the high-top sneaker, make sure that they are long enough. High-top shoes have a few extra inches of shoe tongue, so they need laces up to 63 inches long.

Slip the end of the shoelace in the hole at the bottom end of the shoe closed to the toe. Continue pushing it through the hole directly across from it, so that the shoelace makes a straight line through the two bottom holes.

Pull one end of the shoelace so that the laced portion is in the direct centre of the lace. Check to see if it's even by holding up both ends of the shoelace away from the shoe. Adjust the lacing until they are the same length.

Pick up the shoelace end that is coming out of the bottom right hole on the shoe. Cross it over the shoe tongue and push the end up through the second-to-last hole on the left. Pull the lace through.

Pick up the shoelace end that is coming out of the bottom left hole. Cross it over to the other side and push it up through the second-to-last hole on the right. Pull the lace through.

Repeat the process of alternately crisscrossing the laces. Be sure to lace one hole at a time and continue checking after each set of holes to make sure that the lace is equally leftover.


Make sure the laces are straight and do not have knots. Keep the shoe tongue flat during the lacing process.

Things You'll Need

  • High-top sneaker
  • Shoelaces
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