How to Remotely Connect a PC to a TV

Updated March 23, 2017

Online video makes up a growing proportion of what people are watching. With DVDs, downloaded movies and streamed rentals also popular, the computer is a serious competitor to the TV as the centre of a home's entertainment options. The one catch is often the screen. Gathering the family around the computer monitor is often impractical, and many people don't want a computer in their TV room. The solution is to connect your TV to your PC remotely. With a remote connection, you can play media content from the computer or the Internet directly to your television, and setting one up is easy.

Install an A/V output card for your computer that has a coaxial cable jack. These are threaded connectors with one pin of the type used for cable TV.

Run coaxial cable from the computer to a coaxial input on your TV or A/V controller. Coaxial cable can travel 100 feet without major signal loss.

Turn on the computer and the television. Select the input corresponding to the coaxial jack. You should see the picture from your computer screen on your television now.

Buy one of the many PC-to-TV wireless kits available, such as the Veebeam or HP Wireless TV Connect. Some use Wi-Fi and some use wireless USB to stream the TV signal through your home.

Connect the transmitter component to your computer's USB port with the included cables.

Connect the receiver to your TV or A/V unit using either an S-video, HDMI or composite connection cable (depending on what inputs your system has available).

Install any software that came with the streaming system on your PC.

Open the media file, online video or DVD you wish to play on your computer.

Launch the software that shipped with your streaming hardware. The picture and sound will now be available on your television.

Turn on your TV and switch to the input that corresponds to the jack that the receiver is connected to. You should see and hear the content from your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Coaxial cables
  • Composite cables
  • Wireless TV router
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