How to Enter Safe Mode on a Sony Vaio Computer

When you experience problems with a Windows operating system computer, restarting your computer without the normal start-up programs can help you diagnose problems, remove viruses and restore your computer to proper working condition. While many people consider a Sony Vaio to be an exceptional computer, even a Vaio may encounter difficulties. Enter safe mode on a Sony Vaio computer to solve computer issues.

Remove any DVDs or CDs from your computer drives.

Restart your Sony Vaio computer.

Press the "F8" key while your Vaio restarts. You must press this key and hold it down before you see the Windows logo screen.

Press the appropriate arrow keys to highlight "Safe Mode" and press "Enter."

Enter your computer password to log in to your computer via safe mode.

Look on your display to find "Safe Mode" indicated in the corners.

Exit safe mode by restarting your computer in the normal fashion.

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