How to Reset TomTom 510

Written by kr knowlin | 13/05/2017

TomTom is a recognised retail brand leader in GPS technology and tracking information. Among TomTom's GPS offerings is the 510, which features a 4-inch touch screen, an automatic light sensor and Bluetooth technology. If your TomTom 510 will not start properly or isn't responding as it should, you can reset the device. A normal reset may offer a solution for any minor issues with the 510. Performing a normal reset on the TomTom 510 will not erase any of your device's settings or information.

Charge your device for at least two hours.

Remove the TomTom's SD card from its SD card slot.

Press the "Reset" button with the paper clip for 15 seconds. The "Reset" button is located on the bottom of the TomTom toward the back centre of the base.

Press and hold the "On/Off" button for five seconds.

Reinsert the TomTom's SD card.

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