How to Repair a Scratch on a Camera Screen

Updated February 21, 2017

Digital cameras, unlike conventional film cameras, have an LCD screen for displaying images. A scratched LCD screen impairs your ability to preview an image about to be shot or view one already taken. Repair a scratch on the digital camera's screen the same way you would remove a scratch from an optical disc. You'll need a few household supplies and a buffing agent from a hardware store. No special tools or expertise is needed and you won't void your warrant.

Remove the battery from the digital camera's battery compartment. Place the battery aside for later.

Place the bath towel on a table. Place the digital camera on the bath towel with the LCD screen facing up. Blow off the LCD screen with compressed air.

Dip a cotton swab into the buffing agent liquid. Spread the buffing agent on the camera screen's scratch using the cotton swab. Place the cotton swab aside on the bath towel.

Rub the surface of the camera screen over the scratch in a clockwise swirling motion using the edge of a lint-free cloth. Continue for 3 minutes.

Rub the surface of the camera screen over the scratch in a counter-clockwise swirling motion using a clean edge of the lint-free cloth. Continue for 3 minutes.

Inspect the screen. Wipe off the screen with a lens cleaning wipe if the scratch is no longer visible. Otherwise, add additional buffing agent with the cotton swab and repeat the entire procedure until the scratch is no longer visible.

Blow off the camera's lens with compressed air. Place the battery back into the digital camera. Dispose of the cotton swab and the lint-free cloth in the trash. Put the buffing agent away. Put the bath towel in the laundry basket for cleaning.


Use the buffing agent in a well-ventilated space.


Always keep the buffing agent's lid closed when not in use and repair the scratch on the digital camera's screen as far away from children and pets as possible.

Things You'll Need

  • Bath towel
  • Compressed air
  • Cotton swab
  • Buffing agent liquid
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Lens cleaning wipe
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