How to Renew a Vietnamese Passport

Updated April 17, 2017

Vietnamese citizens who need to renew their passport in a foreign country do not have to travel all the way back to Vietnam or even to a Vietnamese embassy. The Ministry of Public Security's Immigration Department allows citizens with a valid passport or a passport that has expired within a year to submit their renewal request through the mail. Passport renewal fees are £71 as of September 2010, and all of the necessary paperwork can be downloaded from the Vietnamese embassy's website.

Make copies of all of the required forms, including the passport and any proof of status forms. Proof of status forms can include an I-94, visa papers, marriage certificates, a driver's license, employment tax forms and anything else that shows the Vietnamese citizen is in the country legally.

Navigate to the Vietnamese embassy's website. Download and print out all of the necessary forms. Depending on what kind of passport it is and whether or not the passport has expired, the forms will vary. The website is in Vietnamese only. Verify the passport renewal cost, which was £71 as of September 2010.

Place all of the documents into a document-sized, padded envelope. Mail the envelope to the nearest Vietnamese embassy. See the resources for a complete listing of the Vietnamese embassies and consulates worldwide.

Wait one month. If the embassy hasn't made contact with information on the passport's status, contact the embassy and inquire about your passport. Remain calm and polite during the call. Expect to speak only in Vietnamese.


Some travel services will handle Vietnamese passport renewal for a nominal fee.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 passport photos, 2 inches
  • Proof of status
  • Self-addressed, stamped envelope for return delivery
  • Money order
  • Vietnamese legal forms
  • Document-sized padded envelope
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