How to make a string voodoo doll

Updated November 21, 2016

Voodoo dolls, known as poppets in some cultures, have longed been used in sympathetic magic. Practitioners believe that whatever is done is actually felt by the person it represents. They are used in a range of spells, from healing to the most deadly curses. Even if you don't believe voodoo dolls hold any power in themselves, they are an interesting craft to make and display as a curio. There is no need for elaborate materials. If you have a few balls of yarn, you can make your own voodoo doll.

Take a ball of yarn that is free of tangles and ready to easily unravel. Use any colour you want if this doll is for decorative purposes, or, if it is meant to represent a person, choose a yarn shade close to that person's skin colour.

Hold the hand that you don't write with out in front of you. Keep your four fingers spread apart.

Place the end of the yarn under the thumb and hold the thumb down against the hand to keep the yarn in place.

Wrap the yarn around your and approximately 30 to 40 times, making a small skein of yarn. Stop and cut off excess with a scissor.

Grab the skein of yarn and wiggle it off your hand. Pull the top and bottom so that, instead of a circular shape, you have an oblong skein.

Wrap a piece of string around the top of the skein and tie it tight to hold it together. Use this top knob as the head of the voodoo doll.

Separate the bottom part of the skein into four equal sections. Tie each section near the edge, and this will create the arms and legs.

Take your ball of yarn again and continue wrapping around the head of the voodoo doll until it is the size and shape that you like. Cut the yarn and tie it off.

Wrap yarn just under the arm limbs to create a torso, but only 1/4 of the way down the body. Criss-cross the yarn over the chest, going over one shoulder and under the arm on the other side, back over the second shoulder and down across the chest to the first side. Do this until the voodoo doll's body is as thick as you like.

Continue wrapping yarn around each individual limb until it is the thickness and shape that you like. Add coloured yarn to make your doll appear clothed. Wrap yarn the colour you want the hair to be around the head, or tie hair-coloured strings into the yarn wrapped around the head to make long hair.

Make a loop on the top of your voodoo doll to hang it with if using it for decoration, or commence with voodoo magic.


Wrap the head, limbs and torso tightly so that your doll will have some stability to it.

Things You'll Need

  • Yarn, assorted colours
  • Scissors
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