How to Wrap a Circular Gift

Updated June 18, 2018

Not all gifts fit neatly into a square box. Such gifts as cookie tins, plastic bouncy balls and bottles have curves. Gift wrapping these objects requires a different approach if you want the presentation of the wrapping to be clean and smooth.

Roll your wrapping paper out on a flat surface. The design should be face down.

Measure the circumference of the circular gift you intend on wrapping. Then measure the height from the top third, to the middle third and then the bottom third of the gift.

Add two inches to the circumference measurement and cut the wrapping paper accordingly.

Set the gift down on the top third of the wrapping paper.

Lift the wrapping paper over the left side of the circumference of the gift and roll both the gift and the paper to the right. Tape in place.

Place the gift between your knees so you can fold wrapping at the top without the gift slipping out the bottom.

Press the left side of the wrapping paper down toward the middle of the top of the gift. Work your way around the top making pleats that overlap each other as you go. When you get all the way around the gift, place a piece of tape in the centre to keep the wrapping paper in place.

Flip the gift over and fold the bottom the same way you did the top.


Add a stick-on bow and gift tag before delivering the gift.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrapping paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Tape
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