How to Play Phosphor Online with Other People

Written by hilarypost | 13/05/2017
How to Play Phosphor Online with Other People
FPS games like "Phosphor" can be played with mouse devices or joysticks. (Video Game Gear image by Alhazm Salemi from

"Phosphor" is a fully-featured, tournament-based, first-person shooter in the mould of titles like "Quake 3" and "Unreal Tournament." The difference is that "Phosphor" is entirely free to play in single or multiplayer mode. While the default settings for "Phosphor" pit you against a team of computer-controlled opponent drones or "bots," it's also possible to play against friends. Setting up an online game is an easy process.

Open the "Settings" menu of "Phosphor" and choose "Network." Set the "Network Mode" box to "Server."

Go to a website that displays your IP address and note down the address it provides. Two such websites are provided in Resources.

Give your IP address to the people whom you wish to play against. Have your friends set "Network Mode" to "Client," and have them input your IP address into their respective drop-down boxes.

Click "Start" then have your friends start their games. Your online multiplayer game will begin.

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