How to Play PS3 Call of Duty With a Mouse & Keyboard

Updated March 23, 2017

In the world of first-person shooters, a keyboard and mouse rule the day in terms of accuracy and reaction time. Franchise games like Call of Duty have experienced great success on consoles, but many hardcore players have expressed the desire to play these games on a computer--with a keyboard and mouse. You can use a mouse and keyboard to play any PS3 game, Call of Duty included, using the XFPS Rateup Adapter.

Pause your Call of Duty game.

Connect the XFPS Rateup Adapter by plugging your mouse and keyboard into the adaptor and hooking it to an open USB port on the PS3.

Press the "F1" key on your keyboard to bring up the adaptor menu and select "Controller Settings."

Reassign the controller to "1" by highlighting the number and pressing the down arrow on your keyboard.

Adjust the mouse sensitivity using the rollers on the sides of the adaptor.

Unpause Call of Duty and resume play. The keyboard and mouse are automatically mapped to the most logical set-up based on the game's controls.


The XFPS Rateup Adapter will allow you to use a keyboard and mouse with all PS3 games and is compatible with most keyboard and mouse configurations. You can also hook a classic PS2 controller to your PS3 using the adaptor if you wish to use one to play PS2 games on your backwards-compatible system.


As with any third-party device, use of the XFPS Rateup Adapter is not supported by Sony, and if you experience issues with your console or the unit, you will need to consult the manufacturer for support.

Things You'll Need

  • XFPS Rateup Adapter
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