How to recharge cordless phone batteries

Updated February 21, 2017

A cordless phone is a telephone that features a wireless handset. The handset communicates with a base station that is plugged into an electrical socket and a telephone line via radio waves. The handsets are powered with rechargeable battery packs. The batteries must be charged in order for the cordless phones to work.

Ensure the base station is plugged into an electrical socket.

Place the cordless phone into the base station. The keypad should be facing outward. The charging connectors on the bottom of the phone should align with the connectors on the base station.

Allow the phone to charge until the battery is fully charged. Depending on the brand and model you own, there may be a charging indicator light that indicates when the phone is charging and when charging is complete. If your phone does not have this function or you are unsure how it works, you can check the battery status by turning on the phone. Locate the battery icon. The battery will contain bars that indicate how full, or how charged, the battery is. A battery that is completely shaded in is completely charged; an icon that is not completely shaded is not fully charged.

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