How to Transfer ATRAC Music to Windows Media Player

Updated February 21, 2017

The ATRAC digital audio format was developed by Sony for use on its digital media players, such as the Mini Disk platform. Your music CDs needed to be converted to the ATRAC format for playback on the Sony devices. The format never really caught on and Sony eventually abandoned it as the MP3 digital audio format gained mass acceptance. If you have ATRAC files on your computer, you will need a free plug-in to decode the audio for playback within Windows Media Player.

Download the Sony ATRAC Audio Codec (see Resources). Save the file to your desktop.

Double-click the downloaded file to unzip it. Open the resulting folder.

Double-click "Atrac3.exe" to launch the installer. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the codec. If there is no executable file, right-click "Atrac3.inf" and select "Install."

Click "Continue Anyway" on the warning prompt.

Open Windows Media Player and select "Add to Library" from the menu bar. Select your ATRAC files within the file browser and click "Open" to transfer them to your Windows Media Library. Double-click the ATRAC files within Windows Media Player, once they have been added to your library, to play the audio files.

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