How to Retrieve Your Password & Email for XBox Live

Written by aaron wein | 13/05/2017
How to Retrieve Your Password & Email for XBox Live
Retrieve your Windows LIVE ID and password for your Xbox LIVE account. (controller image by Thommi from

When creating an Xbox LIVE account, users are also asked to create a Windows LIVE ID by entering an e-mail address and password. This Windows LIVE ID allows Xbox LIVE users to access account settings on or recover their gamer tag to a new console. Over time, e-mail and user-created passwords for Windows LIVE ID may be forgotten. Fortunately, Microsoft gives gamers the ability to retrieve this information.

Turn on your console and log in to your Xbox LIVE account.

Press the guide button on your controller to call up the home menu.

Scroll to the settings tab of the pop-up menu.

Choose account management from the resulting list of settings options. The pop-up menu will close and an account management screen will appear.

Choose Windows LIVE ID from the resulting account Management menu.

Record your Windows LIVE ID e-mail address from the right-hand pane of the resulting menu.

Navigate to on your computer, then select the sign-in link in the top right corner. This directs you to a page where you can sign into your Windows LIVE ID.

Click the blue "forgot your password" link. This directs you to a new page where you can begin to retrieve your Windows LIVE ID password.

Enter your e-mail address into the corresponding text field, then enter the security characters into its corresponding field. Click to continue.

Choose to either reset your password via e-mail or answer your secret question. Resetting the password via e-mail sends a link to your provided e-mail account to reset your password. Choosing the latter sends you to a page where you can answer your secret question that you chose when you set up the account. Answering the question correctly reveals your password.

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