How to open a gas tank on an audi

Updated July 20, 2017

Compact and fuel-efficient, Audis are equipped with optional TDI (Turbo Direct Injection) diesel or gas engines. Compared to standard gas engines, Audi TDI motors are more powerful, fuel-efficient and cost less to fill at the petrol station. Audi TDI motors are also better for the environment and use significantly less fuel than gas engines. Whether the Audi is equipped with a gas or TDI engine, the tank must be opened properly to keep your Audi running.

Unlock the doors of the Audi. If the doors are locked, the tank flap will not open.

Flip open the gas tank flap.

Turn the circular tank cap counterclockwise. The cap is located underneath the tank flap.

Remove the tank cap from the Audi.

Hook the tank cap at the top of the flap to prevent the cap from getting misplaced.

Pump fuel into the gas tank of the Audi.

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