How to Unlock "Farm Frenzy"

Written by catelyn millette | 13/05/2017
How to Unlock "Farm Frenzy"
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"Farm Frenzy" is the first in a series of time-management games by "Alawar Games." You must run your farm by completing tasks like collecting eggs or producing cheese and you must do it as quickly as possible. As the game continues, each level becomes more difficult and you will need to purchase new items to keep up. The game comes with a 60-minute trial version, after which the rest of the game will be locked to you until you purchase a game key.

Visit the "Alawar Games" website and use the search box to locate "Farm Frenzy." If you have already downloaded the game, skip to Step 4.

Press the "buy it now" button. Enter your billing information and you will receive a game key.

Return to the "Farm Frenzy" page and select "Try it now!" Download and install the game.

Click the game's icon from your desktop or start menu. When the "Farm Frenzy" screen pops up, click "remove the time limit."

Select "enter your game key" from the bottom left, enter the key that you were provided and click "play now!" Your game is now unlocked.

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