How to Fix Lines on a Laptop Screen

Updated July 20, 2017

If you see vertical or horizontal lines spreading over your laptop screen that continue after restarting the computer and adjusting the resolution, there may be a problem with your screen. You can repair this malfunction without calling a technician if you work carefully and have the correct materials. This job requires opening your computer case, but the parts being handled are simple and easy to work with.

Remove the laptop battery and set the computer on a table with the screen open toward you.

Take out of each of the screws holding the frame around screen to the computer case using a small screwdriver. You may need to remove a rubber plug covering the head of each of the screws.

Pull the frame away from the screen, starting at the middle of the lower horizontal side and working slowly around until it comes completely loose. If you meet resistance, make sure you have removed all of the frame screws.

Inspect the ribbon wire connecting the laptop to the screen for a loose connection and signs of breakage. Replace the ribbon with a new one or tighten the existing one for a proper connection.

Put the battery back into your laptop and test the screen. Adjusting the wires may have corrected the lines.

Remove the battery and the screws holding the screen into the case if the lines persist. You will be able to lift the screen out of the laptop when all of the screws are unscrewed.

Pull the ribbon connector out of the old screen and connect it to the new screen. Discard the old screen. Set the new screen into the laptop case and screw it in place.

Replace the frame over the screen and put the screws back in to hold the frame in place. Press the rubber plugs back into the screw holes to cover the heads.


Refer to the serial number on the back of your old screen when purchasing a new one to ensure a proper fit.


Do not open your computer case unless you are willing to void the warranty, as many manufacturers do not cover computers whose cases have been opened.

Things You'll Need

  • Small screwdriver
  • Ribbon cable
  • Replacement laptop screen
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