How Do I Unstick a Stuck Kwikset Lock?

Updated July 19, 2017

A Kwikset lock is a popular home door lock. Door locks are on the front line of home security and should be kept in good working order to properly secure your house. As with all door locks, a Kwikset lock can get stuck. Some mechanical reasons could cause a stuck lock, and they can be quickly diagnosed and fixed with a screwdriver. Lubrication with powder graphite could also solve the problem of a stuck Kwikset lock.

Inspect your lock if it is a deadbolt. Open the door and turn the deadbolt to the locked position. If the lock opens while the door is open, there could be a problem with the hole the deadbolt goes into (also known as a strike recess) when the door is closed. If the lock does not function properly when the door is open, the problem could be a tight installation.

Fix a problem with the strike recess by replacing the plate that covers the recess. Do this by unscrewing the old plate and screwing a new plate on. When placing a new plate on the strike recess, line the plate up properly with the deadbolt.

Fix a problem with a deadbolt that is too tightly installed by loosening the screws slightly. Loosen the screws on the deadbolt's front plate by giving them only slight turns.

Blow out both the deadbolt lock and standard lock with canned air to remove any initial debris.

Insert the powder graphite bottle's tip into the keyhole of both the deadbolt and standard lock. Give a few swift puffs to force graphite deep into the lock.

To thoroughly spread the graphite around inside the lock, repeatedly insert the key into the lock and remove it. Repeat the process as needed if the lock still sticks.

Puff more graphite onto the extended deadbolt and door jamb for increased ease in locking.

Things You'll Need

  • Kwikset lock and key
  • Powdered graphite
  • Screwdriver
  • Can of air
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