How to Use a USB Bluetooth With an Xbox 360 & Headset

Written by amanda dyar | 13/05/2017
How to Use a USB Bluetooth With an Xbox 360 & Headset
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Xbox 360 headsets allow users to chat with fellow Xbox gamers. The Xbox 360 console has technology that allows it to connect with wireless Bluetooth devices. You will need only the USB Bluetooth device to connect to the console. Once connected, you can use the USB Bluetooth device to chat online with friends. Using a USB Bluetooth can be helpful if you have damaged the Xbox wired headset that came with your bundle.

Charge the USB Bluetooth headset by connecting it to the USB port on the Xbox 360. Use the Mini-b to USB connector cord that come with your USB Bluetooth device to connect it the Xbox 360 USB port. Turn on the Xbox 360 console to allow the Bluetooth device to charge.

Remove the USB Bluetooth headset once it has finished charging. Turn on the headset by pressing the "Power" button located on the device. Check to make sure the USB Bluetooth headset is fully charged before attempting to use it.

Go to your Xbox 360 console. Find the "Connect" button on the front of the console next to the memory card port. Press and hold down the "Connect" button.

Hold down the "Connect" button an additional time until the green lights start flashing on the Xbox 360. Wait for the Xbox 360 to make a connection to the USB Bluetooth headset. Watch for the Xbox 360 quadrant lights to stop blinking, which means that the Bluetooth headset is now connected. Test your USB Bluetooth headset by using it with your Xbox 360 console. Play and chat with multiple users on your Xbox 360 by using the wireless USB Bluetooth headset along with wired headsets.

Things you need

  • Mini-b to USB connector cord

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