How to Print Paper & Fold it to Fit the Inside Cover of CD Cases

Updated July 19, 2017

Creating your own CD cover by printing a design onto paper, printing it and folding it to fit into the CD case is a fairly straightforward process, particularly now that the Internet and home computers have enabled access to free online software programs that cater to such tasks. Being able to create your own CD cover means that you can enjoy personalised, professional-looking CDs, and it makes it easier for you to store and find them.

Access the RonyaSoft website (see Resources). Click on "Download" and select "CD/DVD Label Maker" from the drop-down list. Click on "Download."

Open the program by clicking on the "RonyaSoft" icon. Access "Template Options," and check the box next to the "CD Front" template. Click "OK" or "Done."

Type in a title for your cover below the heading "Specify Title 1", "Specify Title 2" and so on. Add as much text as you wish to appear on the cover. Add a track listing beneath the "Specify Contents" header.

Click on the "Upload Image" tab and choose an image from your desktop or from the Internet if you want an image on your cover. Click on "Print" when you have finished designing your CD cover. Remove from printer when printing process is complete. Fold along the lines to make the cover the right size for your case and insert into CD case.

Access the AC Zoom website (see Resources). Click on the "CD/DVD Inserts" tab in the top-left corner, then click on "Online CD/DVD Inserts."

Fill out the form that appears on the screen. Upload an image by selecting the "Upload Cover" tab.

Click on the "Create Inserts for Normal CD Cases" tab below the "Choose Output Type" header.

Click on the "Submit For Processing" tab when the form is completed. Select the "Output - PDF," "Output - PS" or "Output - GIF" depending on what type of file you wish to print from.

Open up the file on your computer's desktop. Print the cover, remove from printer and fold the cover to the right dimensions for your CD case.

Download iTunes and install onto your computer (see Resources).

Open iTunes by clicking on the icon. Go to "File" then "New Playlist" and drag any songs you want on your CD into the Playlist.

Go to "Advanced," "Get Album Artwork" and iTunes will automatically find the artwork for your songs.

Select "File" then "Print." Select how your image should be arranged by clicking on an option in the list to the right of the "Theme" header.

Click the "Print" tab when you have selected the design you want. Remove the design from your printer and fold along the lines so that it will fit into your CD case.


Purchase adhesive CD labels and print designs to go on your CD-Rs for a more complete, professional look.


Always be aware of copyright laws when copying any form of media.

Things You'll Need

  • CD cover software program
  • Paper
  • Printer
  • CD case
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