How do I Find Satellite Pictures of My House?

Updated February 21, 2017

A satellite view provides a view of places on Earth from space. This view is also known as satellite imagery. You can find images of your house as seen from a satellite. The satellite images are available at all times. Ordinary people now have access to satellite pictures via the Internet program Google Earth, provided for free by Google.

Visit to download a free version of Google Earth. Click "Download Google Earth."

Agree to Google's terms of service by clicking "Agree and Download." Click "Run" and allow the program to download. Once the download is complete, open the program.

Locate the search box in the program. This is where you will type in your home address to view a satellite picture of your house. Type in your full address, including your house number, street, city, state and postcode. The program will pull up an image of your location.

Double-left-click the screen to zoom in close, so that you can see a picture of just your house.


Not all areas have satellite views available.

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