How do I Make a DS Charger Without a Wall Charger?

Updated April 17, 2017

The Nintendo DS lite is the latest in Nintendo's line of handheld gaming systems. The Nintendo DS features dual screens that allow for touch-interaction on games, meaning you use a stylus that comes with the DS to interact with the games, as well as using the buttons and directional pad to move characters. The DS lite comes standard with an AC wall charger that can be replaced by purchasing a new one through Nintendo or video game retailers.

Purchase or find a Mini-B USB cable. Mini-B USB cables are often used for digital cameras and small electronic devices.

Plug the small end of the Mini-B USB cable in to the Nintendo DS Lite. The plug is a very close fit to the original DS Lite charger, but it will stick out a little bit. Do not force the cable in.

Turn on the computer. There must be power to the USB ports for the Nintendo DS to charge through the USB port.

Plug the standard USB end of the USB cable in to an open USB port on your computer. The USB end of the cable is the larger end. The light on the Nintendo DS should now light up, indicating that it is receiving a charge.


You can also use a Motorola phone charger, because it has a Mini-B USB end as well. This also opens up the ability to charge the DS in the car, with a Motorola car charger.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with USB ports
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