How do I Inflate 65Cm Exercise Ball?

Updated February 21, 2017

Exercise balls are used for a variety of manoeuvres. Some people have even replaced their office desk chair with an exercise ball to help improve their posture. It helps to work out your abdominal, leg and back muscles. There are many great uses for exercise balls such as balancing, push-ups and improving flexibility. They are also used for physiotherapy after knee and back surgeries to help regain strength. The balls are inflated with air for their use.

Remove the plastic plug from the exterior of the ball. If the ball is new it might not be inserted yet.

Lay the ball flat on a flat surface and smooth out any wrinkled areas.

Measure and mark a line on the wall with a piece of tape to the appropriate height of a filled ball. For a 65cm it should be 25 inches from the floor to the top of the ball.

Insert the ball pump into the hole in the ball and begin to inflate the ball. If the ball is new, fill it to about 80 per cent so that it can stretch out the material. At about 80 per cent you should be able to press in the centre of the ball about 6 inches. Let the ball rest for a few hours and then continue to fill it. Once it has reached the measurement on the wall you should be able to push it down about 2 inches.

Remove the pump and insert the plug into the hole in the ball. Push the plug down until it is flush with the ball.


If you do not have a ball pump you can purchase an adaptor that will fit onto a bike pump or compressor if the ball does not come with the adaptor.


An exercise ball should never be over inflated, if it is it may pop once you sit on it.

Things You'll Need

  • Ball pump
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