How do I Become a Princess House Hostess?

Written by angela reinholz | 13/05/2017
How do I Become a Princess House Hostess?
Host a Princess House party. (people at the party image by NiDerLander from

Princess House hostesses enjoy fringe benefits when they host a party, be it online or in person. To become a Princess House hostess you need to contact a consultant and talk with them about hosting a party. The consultant will be more than willing to connect with you to discuss your options for hosting one party or even several parties. You will earn more benefits and gifts over time if you hold several parties.

Sign up to host a Princess House party at a friend's party. If you sign up at their party, they will get extra hostess points and gifts. The consultant will work with you to find a date for the party that both you and the consultant can agree on.

Contact a consultant online at the Princess House main website. The consultant will reply via e-mail or phone, depending on which contact method you prefer. The consultant will discuss your options on becoming a Princess House Hostess.

Sign up to host a Princess House party online if your schedule does not allow you to have a party in person. The online party can get accessed from anywhere at anytime as long as the party is open. Online parties are usually open for about two weeks and people post their orders. Hostesses still receive bonus gifts for hosting the party.

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