Grants for single mothers in the UK

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Being a single mother in any part of the world is a daunting task. A single mother has to juggle work, parental duties, and schooling all at the same time. Raising a child, or children, requires funding, and funds may not be available from a single mother who is trying her best to provide.

Because of this, the United Kingdom offers grants to single mothers, since the welfare of a nation depends upon the welfare of an individual.

Family Action Education Grants

These are grants offered by Family Action. Grants are offered to British-born citizens, refugees, and persons born in Africa that have immigrated to the United Kingdom. The grants are aimed at low-income individuals that have children, particularly those receiving benefits. There is no age limit, the only criteria being your income level. You must be enrolled in an accredited college or university first, and the grant is particularly targeted at courses designed to improve the employment prospects of an individual. Fields that are in demand are given preference first, such as medical-related or computer-related fields. There is no set limit, but usually grants are 200 to 300 pounds per year.

Horizons Education Fund

The Horizons Education Fund grant is funded by Barclaycard. It is directed at lone parents who wish to improve their situation by education. One of the criteria for acceptance is you must be low-income, by having received the Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit when you filed your income taxes. Another criteria is you must have applied for all statutory funding at your school, such as the Learner Support Funds and the Access to Learning Funds. Some of the disqualifying criteria is basic skills classes (lower learning), studying abroad, or the reimbursement of costs already paid by the lone parent. This grant is available throughout the United Kingdom. There is no age limit for the parent. Grant awards are typically 500 pounds to a maximum of 1,500 pounds. There is no deadline for application; grants are awarded continuously throughout the year.

Mid-Yorkshire Social Work Fund

This grant is for individuals with children and are facing severe financial hardship, due to the extra rigours that taking classes involves. One of the qualifications is that you must be living or studying in West Yorkshire or North Yorkshire. Another qualifying criteria is you must be registered in a General Social Care Council (GSCC) accredited course. You must be enrolled at any one of the specified colleges, such as the University of Bradford. A recommendation letter from the personal tutor or mentor or the program director is required, stating that you are enrolled at an approved college. Other criteria involve proving financial hardship due to attending classes. No deadline for application is specified, however grants are awarded every 12-month period per parent, or a yearly granting. The maximum yearly award is 500 pounds.

Family Service Units Grants

The Family Service Units (FSU) capital grant is administered by the government, and is aimed at low-income parents that demonstrate financial hardship. Criteria for qualification is that you must be living in the inner cities of England or Scotland. To apply, contact your local FSU social worker. The social worker makes a determination, and applies for the grant on your behalf. This grant helps out with both expected and unexpected expenses. Some expected expenses would be clothing, heating and home bills. Some unexpected expenses would be a washing machine breaking down. The grant is up to 300 pounds, and application packs are available at your local FSU office.