How to Turn On Quiet Mode On a Laptop

Updated April 17, 2017

Fan noise on a laptop can be a major problem. Not only is fan noise irritating, but if a laptop is being used for a PowerPoint presentation or in a business meeting, it can be disruptive. Almost all laptops have a "quiet mode" that can be activated in the Basic Ouput/Input System, although navigating BIOS is slightly different for the various brands. Each manufacturer also uses a different keyboard shortcut for accessing BIOS.

Start your Dell laptop. Tap "F2" at the top of your keyboard when the Dell logo appears on the screen. This will activate BIOS.

Use the up and down cursor keys to navigate the side-menu. Select "Acoustic mode" from the menu by pressing "Enter."

Choose "Quiet mode" from the acoustic options given. Press "Enter" to confirm.

Start your HP laptop. Press the "Escape" key when the Hewlett-Packard logo appears on the screen to activate BIOS.

Scroll down the BIOS menu using the cursor keys. Press "Enter" to open the "Power" menu.

Select "Maximum Power Savings" from the options given. This turns your computer to quiet mode.

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