How to Recycle Rubber Hoses

Updated April 17, 2017

Garden hoses aren't the only type of rubber hose we use, but they are one of the first things people think of when you mention rubber hoses. Whether it is a garden hose or an old washing-machine hose, rubber hoses wear out over time. Instead of sending your old rubber hose to the landfill, you might consider putting that old hose to some other use.

Punch 1/4-inch holes 1 inch apart along the length of a garden hose. Place an end-cap over the open end to turn it into a soaker hose for your garden or a sprinkler hose for children to run through.

Cut the hose into 1-inch by 24-inch strips, using a sharp knife. Place one of the strips around a small tree and anchor the overlapped ends of the strips to the ground by driving a small metal stake through them with a hammer. Repeat with another strip to anchor the tree from the other side to pull it taut so the tree stands straight. Use longer or shorter strips of hose if necessary, depending on the height of the tree.

Cut a 6-inch length from the hose, using a sharp knife. Slice the length of hose open. Slip the piece of hose over a metal bucket handle to create a handle grip.

Cut a length of hose equal to the length of the cutting edge of a hand saw, using a sharp knife. Slice the length of the hose open. Slip the opening over the teeth of the saw to create a protective guard.

Cut the hose into narrow strips, using a sharp knife. Weave the strips of hose over and under the remaining wicker strips in broken areas of wicker laundry baskets or sections of frayed folding lawn chairs.

Cut two 24-inch lengths from the hose, using a sharp knife. Slice the length of hose open and slip it over the chains on a child's swing to create a guard against pinched fingers.

Cut 24-inch lengths of black hose with a sharp knife. Slice the sections open. Use a hammer and nails to attach the sections to corners in your garage or on wooden lamp posts to create corner protectors and bumpers.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal hole punch
  • Sharp knife
  • Metal stake
  • Hammer
  • Nails
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