How to build an outdoor rabbit hutch

Updated November 21, 2016

A rabbit hutch, made of wood to withstand the elements and wire to allow ventilation and easy clean-up, is a must for anyone planning on keeping rabbits outdoors. Pre-made rabbit hutches are available for sale, but the materials and supplies to make your own rabbit hutch cost less. When building your rabbit hutch, adjust its dimensions to make the hutch larger or smaller as necessary.

Cut the two-by-fours into four sections measuring 36 inches long, and eight sections measuring 16 inches long.

Use a hand drill and wood screws to form a rectangle, with two 36-inch sections as the front and back and two 16-inch sections as the sides.

Use wood screws to attach one 16-inch section vertically to each corner of the rectangle.

Fasten two 36-inch sections and two 16-inch sections to the tops of the vertical posts with wood screws, creating another rectangle.

Cut two squares of plywood measuring 16 inches. Fasten the two squares to the sides of the hutch at three-inch intervals using wood screws.

Cut two pieces of plywood measuring 36 inches by 16 inches. Fasten one piece to the back of the hutch using wood screws every three inches. Fasten the other piece to the top of the hutch in the same way.

Cut a piece of plywood measuring 18 inches by 16 inches. Fasten it to the left half of the front of the hutch using wood screws every three inches.

Cut a section of chicken wire measuring 36 inches by 16 inches. Fasten it to the bottom of the hutch using staples. Secure cross beams every nine inches underneath the chicken wire to prevent bowing.

Cut the one-by-twos into two sections measuring 16 inches, and two sections measuring 18 inches. Nail the sections together to form a rectangular door frame. Staple chicken wire to the door frame. Attach the door to the opening in the front of the hutch with hinges. Use a scrap piece of lumber measuring a few inches long as the door latch. Loosely screw the scrap piece to the hutch frame on the outside of the door.

Fasten one two-by-four measuring 48 inches to each bottom corner of the hutch to make legs.

Things You'll Need

  • Plywood, ¾-inch
  • 2x4 lumber, 23 feet
  • 1x2 lumber, 6 feet
  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Chicken wire
  • Wood screws
  • Nails
  • Staple gun
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