How to Accessorize a Camel Coat

Written by mara pesacreta | 13/05/2017
How to Accessorize a Camel Coat
The camel coat is especially suited for the "day look." (girl in fur coat image by Nikolay Okhitin from

A camel coat is a light brown coat with a smooth texture. Camel coats are not too heavy and are very versatile. They compliment both casual and professional attire. The neutral, earthy tone of the camel coat makes it an easy piece of clothing to accessorise. Camel coats generally look great on those who have fair complexions and blond, golden brown or red hair. Accessorise a camel coat to exude a polished, sophisticated look.

Determine which accessories you are comfortable wearing. You can accessorise a camel coat with a scarf, a purse, sunglasses or a pair of shoes. In order to balance the style, you might want to mix up the colours of the accessories. For example, you might want the colour of a scarf and purse to match, while the colour of sunglasses and shoes are different.

Decide if you want the colours of the accessories to be lighter or darker than the camel coat. It is best not to have accessories that are the same shade as the coat, or the coat will not stand out. For example, you may decide that you want the colour of the accessories to be darker than that of the coat.

Choose colours for the accessories. Some of the best colours to wear with camel coats are black and brown. Earth tones are good to wear with camel coats because they provide added style without contrasting or distracting from the camel coat. For a classic look, you may select a black scarf and purse with brown sunglasses and shoes. For an updated, trendy look, designers suggest wearing the coat with bold colours like red or orange, or neon colours.

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