How to Open DCR Files on a Mac

Written by greyson ferguson | 13/05/2017
How to Open DCR Files on a Mac
Open .dcr files on your Mac computer. (cd rom inserted into laptop image by Egor Ukoloff from

A .dcr file is a Kodak RAM picture file. These are downloaded directly from a Kodak camera and you must have a specific program installed on your computer to run and view these. If you are using a Mac computer system, you have essentially two different options to use for viewing the .dcr file: Kodak Professional Looks Software and Adobe Photoshop.

Power on the Mac computer and open either the Kodak programming or the Adobe Photoshop software. If these programs are not located on the system dock, you are able to launch the program by selecting the "Finder" icon (lower left corner of the dock), then choose "Mac HD," "Applications" and the two programs are located here.

Click "File" and "Open" and a browse window appears on the screen.

Choose the .dcr file you want to open and click "OK." Momentarily, the Kodak file loads into the program window, displaying the image.

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