How to Rotate a Table in Word 2007

Updated February 21, 2017

By default, Word does not rotate text, text boxes or tables within a document. It does, however, allow you to rotate objects, such as WordArt, AutoShapes and pictures. You can flip a table by changing the direction of your text or by changing the page orientation from portrait to landscape. If you'd like to rotate a table in Word, try converting it into an object first. You can then use the rotation handle to rotate the table in any angle you choose.

Open the document containing the table in Word 2007.

Select the "Page Layout" tab from the ribbon. Then select "Orientation" from the "Page Setup" group.

Choose "Landscape" to change the orientation from "Portrait."

Select the text you want to flip in your Word table.

Choose the "Layout" tab from the ribbon and go to the "Alignment" group.

Pick the "Text Direction" you want to apply from the list. To flip the text in another direction, click "Text Direction" again, until your text faces the desired direction.

Select the table on your page. Then right click and choose "Cut" from the pop-up list.

Choose the "Home" tab from the ribbon. Expand the "Paste" option in the "Clipboard" group and choose "Paste Special."

Select "Picture (Windows Metafile)" or "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)" from the "Paste Special" dialogue box. Then click "OK."

Select the table on your page. Then use the rotation handle (that appears above the table image) to rotate it on your page.

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