How to Find Someones Email Address by Their Screen Name

Updated March 23, 2017

If you have been communicating with somebody through an instant messenger program like AOL or AIM, and the only thing you know is his screen name, there are some ways you can dig up information about the person. One method is to use Google. Other websites like Pipl and B2Byellowpages are also helpful in finding a person’s e-mail address.

Open on the web browser and type in person’s screen name. Hit the “Enter” key. Now you will see all the results including the websites on which the person has used the same screen name. The websites can include social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube or blogs and forums.

Click on each link and open it on the browser.

Look through the page for the person’s e-mail ID. Social networking websites, blogs and forums usually show members’ profiles, which have a good chance of containing the person’s e-mail ID.

Go to the website and select the tab “Username.”

Enter the person’s screen name, for instance “dep 112.”

Click “Search.” Pipl will run a search and show you the results within seconds. The results will include all the social networking websites, blogs, forums or any other websites in which the person uses the same screen name. You will get links to those pages, and some of them might include the whole profile. Profile pages on websites typically include e-mail addresses.

Go to the website b2byellowpages (see Resources).

Enter the screen name in the empty field on the page.

Click “Search.” The website will then search and show you the results including all the pages where the screen name has been used. Some of these pages (you will be given their links) might include the person’s e-mail address as well.

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