How to play a USB turntable through computer speakers

Updated June 05, 2017

Over the past five years, DJing technology has swiftly shifted from the transient popularity of CDJ interfaces to vinyl record players that have the capability of connecting directly to your computer's USB drive. It is now not only possible to create MP3 files from your old vinyl records; you can also create an interface connecting your turntables to software on your computer, allowing you to utilise the tactile experience of vinyl with the precision of computerised sound manipulation.

Plug the USB connector into your computer's dock.

Insert the driver installer CD included with your USB turntable and double-click the CD's icon to run the driver installer.

Place a record on your record player.

Place the needle on the record and activate the belt by pressing "Start" on the record player and making sure your computer speakers are on. Your PC should automatically play from the USB driver when the record player is plugged into the USB port.


If you are still not getting a signal through your speakers, go to your Sound Preferences located in your computer's Control Panel. Double check that the correct driver is selected.

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